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RySong Shetland Sheepdogs started as a dream with the purchase of a blue merle boy, who was to become UCDX Logan Isle Rhapsody in Blue CDX CGC. This boy was the reason for the name - Ry for what we called him and song because his name and my second sheltie's name were song titles. Ryun was a dream come true for me. Since I was 7 years old, I had wanted a blue merle collie. When I was on my own, I went to a dog show and saw the "miniature collies" doing obedience and winning. I decided I wanted one then. I did my research and ended up with a blue merle sheltie. Ryun at 6 months old
My Mom and her mare and foal My Mom and her calf My love for animals started with my mother. She has always loved animals and she passed that love on to me. She's the reason I got into the world of purebred dogs in the first place.
Ryun forgot to stop growing and to be a conformation dog, but he was a phenomenal dog nonetheless. He was trained for obedience, agility, herding, tracking, search and rescue, schutzhund, water retrieval, and assistance work. When he died on June 10, 2004 at the age of 6 of congestive heart failure, he almost took my dream of RySong Shelties with him. I couldn't do that to his memory, so RySong Shelties goes on in his name. Ryun doing obedience
My first German Shepherd Dog - Wolf What's for dinner? While living in Korea, our family wasn't without a GSD. Our first GSD was Lida who died of heatstroke. Then we got Wolf. He was a wonderful dog and lived a nice long life in Korea.
The first dog I owned solely was a border collie-black lab mix, named Christopher Robin. He was from a working BC mother and a working black lab father. He was a sweet dog. He loved to herd the ducks that lived in the river near our house in North Georgia, but refused to follow them in the water. When we moved to Florida, we found out he had major allergies. My roommate at the time was raised on a sheep farm in Iowa. She moved back home and took Christopher to her family's farm. Christopher took over the herding duties from the moment he stepped out of the car. He helped with the sheep until his death. Christopher Robin at 2 years old
L to R: Kieran, Caytlyn, Brenna, and Becca (unhappy having to share the couch with her children) RySong's foundation is UKC CH Cub Hill Wildflower O'RySong. My current dogs are linebred on CH Sunnybrook's Heritage Spirit ROM with a splash of CH Macdega The Piano Man ROM/ROMC.
My cat - Christmas and her kittens   My cat - Ink Blot   Christmas' kittens outside (South Korea)

My family, 1979   My grandparents and I, December 1993   Ryun doing the figure 8

Ryun's 'girlfriend' Nikita  Nikita at 6 months old  Dallas at 6 months  Christopher Robin

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