Dallas - 6 years old

Dallas - 6 years oldDallas - 6 years old

Dallas - 6 years oldDallas - 6 years old

Dallas in the heat and wind of Kentucky after getting his UKC Championship.

Brecon Oak Crest Jet Black  x  Wedgewood Marmalade

Dallas is a bi-factored blue merle Color Headed White (CHW) sheltie. He is a naturally occuring color. He is the product of white factored parents and is not genetically defective in any way. He has most of his color on his head with a primarily white body with a few body spots. He has a very sweet disposition. He loves to give kisses. He loves to please and is my very special boy. Dallas can not get his AKC Championship, because the American Shetland Sheepdog Association set sheltie standard says that dogs over 50% white are to be placed as to effectively remove them from competition. United Kennel Club allows the CHWs to be shown. Dallas finished his Championship in Lexington, Kentucky on July 28, 2001. He is retired from competition as he was attacked in November 2002.
Dallas is the first UKC CHW to have both a conformation title and a performance title. He went sterile and was neutered after he was placed with my mother to fill the hole in her heart left by Ryun when he died on June 10, 2004. He has even turned my grandmother into a sheltie lover. That's a very hard thing to do as she has never liked any dogs. Dallas was my first medical alert dog.

Dallas White Virtual Sheltie Show Best Of Breed, 2002

Young Dallas in a chair ~ one of my favorite pics of him   Baby Dallas in his favorite position.

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