Photo above by Leanne Zaras

In August of 2012, I decided that it might be possible to get his VCX on him, so we began training for agility. Kieran achieved his OJP in early May 2013 and that title gave him his VCX. We got our OJP in only 9 months with only stick in the ground weave poles and very few run throughs. To say I'm thankful to have such a wonderful boy is an understatement. After we got our OJP, we decided to try standard. With having only been on contact obstacles a total of 4 times, we trialed in standard. We got 2 legs with first places and then Kieran got scared on the teeter, jumped off, and then wouldn't do it the following day. More work before our next trials, but Kieran and I are working really well as a team and we will continue to do agility for as long as he wants.

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Agility Pictures from August 11, 2013

Agility Pictures from August 09, 2013

Agility Pictures from March 31, 2013

Photos below taken on March 31, 2013 by Leanne Zaras. They are all of one of Kieran's Novice JWW run.




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