When You Are Called To The Bridge
When you are called to the bridge,
Our world seems so much more quiet.
We know that you were needed there,
But we miss your smiling face here.

You no longer hurt, because you are healed;
You fly on the wings of eagles, because you were happy;
You bark and play, because you were secure;
You wait for your soulmate, because you were loved.

So on this day, we cry our tears,
As we miss your presence in our lives.
But we smile through our tears,
Knowing you will be waiting to join us at the bridge.

"Kieran" - My Once-In-A-Lifetime, Best Friend, Constant Companion, and Service Dog
April 3, 2004-June 22, 2015

"Enya" - Mom's and My Fire 'n' Ice
November 20, 2005-September 26, 2016

"Arwyn" - My Miracle
February 19, 2003-June 24, 2016

"Becca" - My Beautiful Wildflower
December 22, 1999-November 4, 2013

"Dallas" - Mom's Symphony
January 11, 1999-April 1, 2013

"Ryun" - My Symphony
April 16, 1998-June 10, 2004

My Angel Baby
April 3, 2004 - April 6, 2004

Shaun was in Becca's first litter and just never seemed to thrive.
I carried him next to my heart for 17 hours while he fought to live.
When I finally let him go, he went back to God who gave him to me.
Shaun means "Gift of God" and that is what he was.

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